the joy of family.

little feet found their way immediately to the backyard where a papa and uncle/daddy was to be found tossing a ball around and taking turns holding the almost-one year old babe.  three tables were set in fall colors complete with candles and large serving bowls full of comfort goodness: ravioli, the mumsie’s homemade sauce, salad, and good ‘ole italian bread.  twelve bodies crammed themselves into our not-that-big kitchen as the final runaround took place before everyone could stand holding hands, stating what they were grateful for.  a few of the thankful things:

– warm days
– UPS deliveries a day early
– cookies
– teaching piano
– new history curriculum to teach
– the chance to eat dinner together

we share a meal together.  it’s amazingly not chaotic and loud tonight.  conversation is had and food enjoyed.  a game is pulled out and three sisters steal away to the music room to start preparing for a special concert in a few weeks.  a few minutes later and we’re called together as everyone pulls out iPhones, laptops, and regular paper calendars and we plan our month of December.  we now know when all four houses we occupy on Main Street will cut down Christmas trees, go family shopping, and which evening we will view A Boyfriend for Christmas.

now a piano is played and a sister belts patsy cline in the front of the house.  a movie plays on a brother’s lap out in the porch as he soaks up our astonishingly warm weather.  girls giggle up in their room and play with the new camera toys the UPS man delivered.  a mums finishes dishes in the kitchen and the papa finds his way up to his pajamas and bed.  a should-be brother sits in the very center of the house (or at least that’s how it feels), feet propped up, doing something furiously on his laptop.

and the two of us that share this yellow room — well, we’ve found our way to our bed.  she sits on her side creating marvelous beauty from her classical guitar.  and me.  well, i’m here.  about to do some reading but wanting needing to relish in the goodness of where life has me right now.

my whole family lives on the same street.  we get together for these evenings once a week.  we laugh, we play games, we complain, we see each other in our foulest of moods, and we all love each other with such fierce loyalty.  and we’re together right now — mere seconds drive or minutes walk away from all of us. let me just pause and soak this up.  for i know it won’t be forever and always like this.  it’s too good to last, right?

– – –

our family scheduling can get a wee bit tedious for the babes who aren’t entertained by the movie put on for the older kiddos so we resort to other means.  our strategy this evening?  my webcam.  a few favorite faces captured during all our december chatter:

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