toothbrush fail

this morning my alarm went off at 5:50am.  i know, dreadfully early but i had to be leaving at 7am.  when i finally got out of bed at 6:05am (yeah, took me a bit) i was still half asleep and did the Eyes Half Closed Stumble into the bathroom where i promptly started to brush my teeth.  about 40 seconds into scrubbing away, trying to rid my mouth of the wretched overnight bacteria buildup and the most powerful morning breath only we sinclairs can boast of, i realized that i had grabbed the wrong toothbrush from the drawer where a few of us store those wonderful hygiene helpers.

at first i wondered if i should stop.  in my foggy state i wondered if the owner of the toothbrush would cringe if they knew what i had done.  but it was 6 ‘o clock in the morning and i wasn’t about to rinse out that one, find my own, apply toothpaste to another brush, and start all over again.  so i simply continued.

just now, as i went to brush my teeth for the night (and i made sure i grabbed the correct one) did i realize that never once did it cross my mind this morning to be grossed out because i had another person’s gross, nasty, full of their own mouth grime toothbrush in MY MOUTH scrubbing MY TEETH.

i am weird.

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