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i’ve been a rather busy girl lately.  instead of giving you a rundown on my daily activities and weekend trips, which could be rather tedious for me to write and even more so for you to read, i decided to throw some photos your way.  that generally makes people more happy anyway.

there’s been a whole lot of driving lately.  i get excited about drives and weekends away… as you can tell.

the weather has been glorious lately and that means more walks to the office.  i can’t tell you how incredibly happy that makes me (and yeah, my shirt is tied in the front.  what are ya gonna do about it?!).

walking means that i see things like this on a regular basis (is there anything more wonderful than water, blue skies, and green?!):

sometimes grumpy little men come visit me in my office. i don’t mind their kind of grumpies.

in the midst of all the driving i sometimes luck out and have sleeping beauties with me.

i bump into these kiddos on a regular basis. most of the time this aunt can’t handle the cuteness.

i made a new friend this week and ohmygoodnessgracious is this friend a doll.

and in the midst of all the hub-bub and craziness of my life right now, i sometimes get to hang with the chubby, toddling, squishy, edible goodness of claire baby.  take a look at that pouting face.  and will someone please tell me where she picked up the “fierce stare”?  i’m sensing model in her future.

and i promise that i don’t only spend time with toddlers.  really.  not all the time at least.

3 thoughts on “recent bits in my world

  1. haha, so when I click on the picture of your new friend (the toddler) the link leads to a picture of josiah at the dunphy’s with a huge shot gun (or something of the sort)… oh and jameson’s face in the pic is awesome, btw. anyway, loved the pictures and updates =)

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