only 56 more days

sometimes it hits me —

i’m getting married in 56 days.


it became real when my dress arrived and i couldn’t stop putting it on.  no, you don’t get any pictures of that.

it became real when i walked into the house to see these:

it’s never too early to start prep for your reception, right?  a million dried hydrangeas coming right up!

it became real as i drove to lowes after work last night to pick out a counter top for one of my bathrooms.

have i mentioned how many new experiences have been thrown my way in the last five months?  let’s start with a relationship budding through two strangers emailing and count from there — yeah, a lot.  picking out counter tops is in the i-don’t-know-how-to-do-this list (hence the face that was made to show the boy how uncertain i was feeling on this errand).

it became real as i drive from one auction to the next this morning.  i saw these instantly when i walked into the first auction and thought of my rather massive bedroom that needs to be furnished:

just as quickly as i spotted them a man whisked them to the front and they were sold rather instantly.  apparently others liked them as well.

and it becomes so very real every time my best sends me files that are pretty and have our names and ideas for how to present the important details to the general public —

it’s true and it’s real!  this girl is getting married!

4 thoughts on “only 56 more days

  1. You’re one of the first people I know who is actually getting married. I say “one of” because Gina got married, and I know her a little.

    I’m so excited for you, even though I don’t really know much, but even I can relate to feeling of it becoming more real gradually.

    I also share in some of it due to my own recent experiences, so I’m even more excited to witness this unfold.

    BE EXHORTED! Haha! Love ya, and I know you and Josiah will be so loved. SO loved.

  2. I’m so glad that this all feels like a dream yet I never find myself waking up and realizing none of it ever happened. I Love you.

  3. if there was a “like” button on josiah’s comment, i would do just that. how was the countertop search and where will you be living? will it be an apt or a house? just some things i’d ask out of the gazillion other questions i’m sure i could ask you were i around… enjoy these moments. so special. sorry those chairs were whisked away. they were definitely nice pieces of furniture. seems as though your mumsie has taught you well… 🙂

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