it wasn’t that long ago when i was convinced God had me here for keeps. and with this i found myself doing the only thing i could think to do — redo my bedroom.

some dear friends helped me paint everything not once, but twice when the first yellow seemed a bit too canary for my liking. and remember when i was adding the finishing touches of wall hangings and my avant-garde wall decoration above my bed? i love my yellow walls, blue bedding, and colorful hangings here and there.

and the strange part? it’s all very clear now that God wasn’t planning on keeping me here for keeps, and with only 26 days left of being here, i’ve found myself starting to pack my life up in boxes — clearing the yellow room of everything me.

it’s just strange how quickly life changes sometimes. right when i felt as if i had been at a standstill forever and there was no sign of change a’comin, suddenly everything was rearranged and now i’m heading somewhere completely new.

i don’t really have a point to any of this… i’m finding there are few points to anything i have to say these days. i guess i’m just trying to pause for a second in the midst of all the life that’s flying past at a faster pace than i’ve ever known, and capture something for my memory collection.

so here i am, in the middle of what has been the messiest this yellow room has ever been, recognizing how foreign it feels to try to put my life into some plastic bins and cardboard boxes, and taking a second to just be.

i’m packing my life up. preparing for a new season. and although this sentimental heart won’t allow me to forget that this also means i’ll be kissing the daddy & mums goodbye too soon, there’s no mistaking the excitement, happiness, and absolute confidence concerning this change that’s found me.

God’s good like that.

One thought on “change

  1. i like that you are taking a moment to just be. so important in the times of transition and fast change. so wonderfully excited for you and the seemingly wonderful party you had. so blessed. it blesses me that you are blessed. God really is so good like that. yay.

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