snow time

last night i drove my first stretch of road this winter at 40mph, eyes focused in fear that the car in front would suddenly decide to stop and i wouldn’t be able to make out his break lights in time. the winter snow kept coming throughout the evening as we ate a late dinner, cleaned up, all with candles flickering their friendly glow.

my favorite part about an evening snow storm? the calm the next day.

i woke to our world blanketed in snow and everything completely still, as if somehow in that one short overnight, the world slowed down. the cars go by a little slower, less people walk past my house, and i’m in no rush to make myself ready for the day. no, my leggings and sweatshirt will do just fine for what i want to do this morning. i brew some coffee, light another candle, roll up my sleeves and will now make this.

it’s like i always thought, snow is so much more bearable when you don’t have to leave your house.

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