the start

Hi. My name is Louissa. I have a paunch of a stomach that some may think is bigger than it should be already. I have some serious love handles taking over my lower back. The number on the scale is starting to go up week after week. One out of every three meals seems to find it’s way back up out of my stomach. I live feeling a bit nauseous most of the time. And I’m exhausted. All the time exhausted.

And I couldn’t care less about all that. Oh, none of it is fun and I wish it was all much easier. And sometimes I’ve even wished my own Mums was here taking care of me (spoiled middle child syndrome). But the fact that it’s not been easy or fun yet doesn’t really matter.

I’m 12 weeks pregnant. I’m still carrying and nourishing a growing, healthy baby.

Keep being strong, little one. Keep growing and please, just keep being. I’ll take the weight, the stretching, the sickness, the aches and pains. For you it’s all worth it.

Because really, it’s not about me. It’s now about you.

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