16 thoughts on “stranger

  1. dude! did Janice dye her hair? it is wicked light.

    How does the girl who shares your name spell her name?

    and one more thought: MAN! everyone is so old…

  2. i think that’s janice’s natural hair color.

    i think i spelled her name correctly. luisa.

    everyone was super old — it was weird. and it was definately strange because at first everyone was really quiet because no one knew each other. but you know those families. within a few hours everyone was running around the halls, jeffrey was teasing all the girls, and luisa was constantly with me (she loves that we have the same name. it’s cute. :)).

  3. it’s natural, eh? well…i guess that is what happens when one doesn’t spend time with someone for like eight years!* but i really thought her hair was darker…

    *or some other long period of time.

  4. It is pretty sweet esp like when you don’t meet many Louissas. Theres a bunch of Nates/Nathans around but there is a lil kid that goes to word and worship that has the same first and middle name as me…(His middle name was given to him after his dad, i think i was named after a dude from the bible)
    I hope you can make it down sometime this summer.

  5. okay. that makes more sense. i didn’t think she looked that much like Janice–who, fyi, has much darker hair…and I am sure many other distinctive features…the hair color was just the first I noticed : )

  6. We didn’t get to see American Idol last night. Instead we got to see worth three hours of channel 16. So if you needed anything on that channel, we might have it:)

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