mmm… sergi’s.

i went out to eat with a group of people tonight — a group of people that i never thought i would ever go out with. who would ever have thought that two sinclair girls would hang out with the madrid-waddington crew? we are the freaky home-schoolers and all. 🙂

maybe it’s the fact that abby has our family picture taped to her locker and they have all fallen in love with my sister…

our musical is in three weeks. are you coming?

12 thoughts on “mmm… sergi’s.

  1. weird…. really weird!

    especially for me–who was the one getting in fights with lee gordon and such. definitely not “in”. i’m glad things are turning out differently for you guys!


  2. haha don’t you feel so lucky to know me?? and meet all the… uh… *cough, cough*…err… interesting people at m-w!!? lol 😛

    i hope you enjoyed the play (total times gone: 1) and the cast parties (total times gone: 2) hahaha do you guys have parties for gondoliers? maybe I can crash it and hang out with you crazy homeschoolers!

    and not only do i have your family picture, but i also have that one lovely picture of you at the youth party lol did you see that one?

    okay, i should get some sleep or something… i have no idea when i’ll get any of the sat homework done…. don’t we have next week off?? maybe mom and dad will let me skip tomorrow and i’ll promise to work extra hard at home…. hm… that’s a good idea, i’ll try it….

    love you! thanks for coming and hanging out with the m-w group!


  3. Yeah I knew you went to CFC. Your hard to miss. And i met you once at a christmas party. Funny thing is that was before i met Julia and you identified yourself as Julia Marie’s sister. Other way around i suppose. Thanks for the comment.

  4. hey, this is an odd xanga, but kool….. haven’t talked to u in while.. u been faithful with american idol? rumors is that anwar is “happy….” if ya know what i mean lol ttyl

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