what are you talking about?

weirdest thing i’ve ever written to someone:

hey — i have louissa. 🙂 umm… are you going tomorrow night to the sing-through? i’ll bring her with me either then or friday. her shirt is really stretched out — i think people had a little too much fun with her this past saturday. 🙂

14 thoughts on “what are you talking about?

  1. yeah, jay, i finally met her. someone could have told me that she was a mannequin… i was so confused when i was reading these comments that said things like, “did you see louissa the other night? man, she was hot!” but i finally met her and now she’s upstairs in my room waiting to be brought back to her other friends. 🙂

  2. lol yeah… bummer dude… haha
    so you didn’t mean to do that?? cause I found it very nice to have a direct path to your site… less distractions along the way, ya know?? haha

  3. lol that’s cool- go Jamie!! WOO! haha I love how you’re still changing your xanga too… I like the “roars” and “lightning bolts” =P but that makes me want to comment on your xanga to get more lightning bolts and whatnot!! how horrible of you!! haha jk- but i may steal your names for my xanga… if I ever sit down and figure out how to change ’em… oh well… haha
    love you!

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