so there have been two complaints this evening about the lack of substance in my posts recently.

let me try to explain. some might say, the more readers you have, the harder it is so write real entries. now let me re-word that a bit. the more readers you have that you know, the harder it is to write real entries. so that’s that. and if you don’t understand — well… just go take a hike.

and just so no one is confused. the picture i posted of the dress isn’t me. this is me.
darling, aren’t i?

and i just found this picture. the bathroom i lived with for nine days in kazakhstan.

13 thoughts on “me.

  1. coolness. i love it when i comment on someone’s post, and then when i click submit i see that they updated the post while i was commenting…anyways : )

  2. So is this one of those relative beauty things? You put a picture of your rather attractive self in juxtapostition to a nasty third world bathroom so that our perception of your true beauty is skewed. You are trickey louissa sinclair, very trickey, but you can not out smart me. Not this time.

  3. sooo, did you actually think we wanted to see that? (if your wondering, i’m talking about YOU, not the toilet)

    hahahah,, j/k love ya girl:)

  4. yaaa…i think i can understand what youre saying about the more people the harder to write real entries. i prolly don’t have as many people as you do reading my entires- but i def understand as more people (young and old) are joining.

    and that bathroom is just wooonderful.

  5. Yeah, i don’t think we really wanted to see the bathroom that you had to use. Carina, don’t ever take another picture like that. But you looked great in the other pic!

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