spain? nepal? spain? nepal? which one?

at first it was spain. then there was a million people who wanted to go and i figured going to nepal would also be completely incredible. so nepal it was.

and now i find that i can go to spain if i want. so i’m thinking i’ll go.

go to nepal as well? or only do one trip?

i wish my summer was longer. i had also wanted to visit my babies – who happen to be the most darling little people ever. well, we’ll see what happens.

9 thoughts on “decisions.

  1. Yes, I like talking on the phone. I’m not sure that is so amazing, I am after all my mother’s daughter;-)
    Did you notice I kept changing that post?

  2. I really wish I could go to either of those coutries. I’m so jealous! Maybe another year… My parents have been to Nepal and it’s one of thier favorite countries. They said it was incredible. Who’s going on these trips? Who’s leading them?

  3. and will you be watching the parade on monday?? i’m not sure if it goes directly past your house or not… anyhow, you have to come out and see me =D haha i’m in the “marching” “band”. yeah… we can’t march or play instruments… but oh well! =P

  4. Come on! I think you should consider both – you have some of the money and God will provide the rest! But I suppose you should see what Daddy thinks.

    And also, I don’t like the phone much either, so you come by your aversion honestly…

  5. Do you kind of want to go to Spain as well. Because just as mom said, why not do both trips: )
    If i were you, i would have no idea as to wich i would want to go to(if i wasn’t able to go to both). HaHaHa!


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