can you hear it?

i saw this tonight and realized how much i miss the sea. have you ever spent time at the sea? a whole week by the sea? have you ever fallen asleep to the sound of it? have you ever taken walks and bike rides beside it? have you ever sat right beside it, watching your little brother and sister’s play with crabs and build sandcastles? have you ever watched the sun set behind the sea?

if you have, you know it’s the most wonderful thing. and if you haven’t, tag along, i’m sure at some point the sinclair family will go to the sea again.

i’m off to nyc tomorrow. off to a broadway show, baseball game, jazz club, visiting the statue of liberty and the empire state building, shopping, walking, talking… yes, it’ll be a good time.

next weekend i’m home. and i’m looking forward to it.

14 thoughts on “can you hear it?

  1. Beautiful picture! Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you! What show are you going to see? Do enjoy your time! 🙂

  2. man i am jealous! i love nyc so much. have fun and take pictures. what brodaway show are you going to?

  3. I’m going to miss you louissa! That’s for sure. Hope you have fun while your away:)
    I wish i could have gone, but can’t go. Only the older kids can go. To bad:(
    But hey, i’ll be able to come when i’m older. Right!
    Miss ya all ready:)


  4. I’ll be on the ocean in just a few weeks. Well, of course, this weekend too–but that trip is only for a few days.

    You’re welcome to chaperone us–along with Lore.

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