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so i’m officially annoyed with Blogger, WordPress, MSN Spaces — anything that when commenting, asks for your name, and then your personal blog url. i always type my password instead of my url. always.

6 thoughts on “silly blogs

  1. most people don’t have that problem because they have a name like john and a username like j03thek1ng. so when they type their name the password doesn’t naturally follow. but with you, louisse.com…louissaatgmail.com…and on…and on…xanga.com/louissa…and on…

    : )

  2. wow, i feel like i keep seeing you (probably cause i do… lol) but not really talking or hanging out with you! =( so we definately need to get together soon and do something fun!! =) or i could even help you guys with getting the house all ready and whatnot. just give me a call!

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