10 days left.

all of this wedding stuff has me thinking back a few years.

another sister getting married. two down… 4 more sisters and two brothers to go.

i did find it rather amusing, that when danica accepted ryan’s proposal, everyone up north somehow forgot that i have two older siblings who are not yet married, and kept asking me when i was going to get hitched. one mother, with a wink, reminded me that she has three charming boys (and really, they are charming) available, but i had to let her know that i am only seventeen and really not interested in finding a mate at this time.

i mean, sure, someday it’ll be absolutely lovely to get married.

but can i just graduate first before even thinking about it?

3 thoughts on “10 days left.

  1. I was struggeling to think of the second older cybling was for a min. there. I ran through the girl list like 3 times before jay dawned on my brain.

  2. So many people think that all there is to life–your first goal after graduation–should be marriage. In the Christian world, there is so much more to life! It is such a blessing to see young men and women wholeheartedly serving God, fulfilling their passions with the gifts God has given them, pursuing God’s paths for them before seeking and committing to a lifetime partner. It is okay to wait. I think it’s better to wait.

    Just because one isn’t sure yet what God has in store for him or her, doesn’t mean by default that it must be marriage and family. Ya know?

    um…yeah…aaaanyway…(stepping off my soapbox)

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