i’m feeling melancholy. so very melancholy. oh, i’m excited. excited for danica and ryan. but i’m rather melancholy. why does she have to go? my sibling’s are my friends. my closest friends. and i hate when they leave me.

i realized the other day that i’m the oldest one home now. perhaps it’s because danica spoils me or maybe because i’m a clingy person, but the idea that i’m the oldest was just horrid. i’m used to always having someone older to go to. i can’t even buy food for my recital without her at my side helping me (now you know why i don’t have a college picked out yet).

it’s going to be so lonely without her in the house. i’m going to be so lonely.

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  1. wow I didn’t know Danica was getting married! That’s cool! Weddings rock. Although they have a way of making me wanna get married really fast..it’s weird. OK, well have a great time at the wedding!!

  2. Man! it did not take my first comment, but it was something like this. Yeah MELANCHOLY,
    MELANCHOLIES UNITED. OK I’m not a help, but God loves you very much Louissa Sinclair!!!!!! And now It’s your turn to be the big sister, you’re an allstar to your younger siblings. So step up to the plate, and ROCK ON!!!! AWESOME WOMAN OF CHRIST.


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