in Algeciras

i have 43 minutes left on this computer. i hate looking down and seeing a timer. but it´s enough time to write something, right? i think so… if i can figure out this spanish keyboard.

i´ve been gone for a week now. and i love it. you should really come to spain if you ever get the opportunity. it is so incredibly beautiful. have you ever been able to look across the mediterranean and see the mountains of africa? well, you should experience it. we are going to gebraltar today and will be spending tomorrow in morocco.

we´ve been working with full-time mexican missionaries for the most part. it´s amazing when you realize the sacrifice they´ve made to come, leave families and a familiar culture, and see the people of spain come to the Lord. they have been an example to me.

we have the three spyker boys to do our translating. they are our american/mexican/spanish boys. i don´t really remember when they lived in madrid, ny, but it´s been fun to get to know them while here.

david (the middle spyker boy) says that i´m the whitest girl on the team (and we aren´t just talking about skin color). it´s rather remarkable that the whitest girl on the team tries to be the blackest girl on the team just to draw a crowd in the parks and such. yes, i attempt some rhymes. and no, you will never hear me rap. it´s a missions trip only thing.

the spaniards have laughed at me because i´m so white (the funny thing is, there are other people on our team just as white, but no, they only make fun of me). when we went to the beach on sunday they were all very concerned about me burning. i wasn´t. i had put sunblock on. i just forgot my back. yup, i´m in pain right now.

¨you´re hair is like fire. if i was ever lost i would look for your hair to guide me back.¨ yes, i´ve heard some very funny things since i´ve been here.

we haven´t seen thousands come to the Lord. only one actually. but everytime we do our thing in a park or market, many stop and watch our dramas, listen to our songs, and most importantly, listen to us present the gospel and the love of Jesus. spain is a hard country. they leave no room for God in their lives and think they know it all. but our brothers and sisters working in this country have been so encouraged and i´m so thankful for that.

i wish i spoke spanish.

the culture is so different. i´m still not used to the whole siesta nap every afternoon and then staying up really late. i´m not used to how laid-back they are and at times it´s hard. i´m from the states – we do things on time and we don´t have as much chill time inbetween things. but i´m getting it. i love the people and that is the important thing.

i think that maybe i´ll miss this place when we leave. but there is one thing i won´t miss. spanish pop music. it is so stupid and annoying.

love to you all. i hope everything is just splendid back in the states.

10 thoughts on “in Algeciras

  1. really glad everything is going well can’t wait to hear more storys. I could see how not knowing spanish could be a slight problem but i’m sure its good motivation to learn some.

    Honestly, if going on a mission trip with you is what I have to do to hear you rap the that is what i shall do where do I sgin up?

    🙂 love your friend Nate

  2. wow, that part of spain sounds even better than the northern part where i was.
    i pray that God keeps on taking you places and giving the good news to everyone around the world.
    be blessed

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