tiddle-dum tiddle-dee

first, this is to all my peeps in PA who might, because of a previous post, think that i now hate myself and regret ever going down: i think ya’ll are just jealous because you were blown away by my rapping skills. just kidding. i had so much fun sunday night and don’t regret any of it. my post was me just having a bit more fun laughing at myself. i might have been a little like, “what did i do?!”, but i had a great time. i know i’m white and i’m totally fine with that. now you all know me just a little more – isn’t it great? but really, no worries. i’m totally fine. i don’t think i’d take back any of my out-landish doings this past sunday night. we had fun – at least i had fun. : )


little boys, little boys… merrick is a true sanguine. he got bored with his hair (“i’ve had this hair cut all my life and i wanted something new!”) so he took a pair of scissors and gave himself an inverted mohawk. that’s right, cut it straight down the middle – nice and short. long story short, we buzzed his head, he cried the whole time, and when we brought the mirror for him to see his new look he didn’t like it very much and exclaimed, “i hate myself!” eventually he got over it.

6 thoughts on “tiddle-dum tiddle-dee

  1. Hey!

    Dag that sucks. I thought you were still in PA. Honestly i give you super props for your rap. It is my life goal to defiy skin color lines. I’m tired of racisim and of people putting races in in different boxes. I love the fact that you rapped…someday ill give it a try…im working my way there :). I truly hope you did have a good time in PA and I have a copy of John Legend’s album for you the next time somebody goes up or comes down. 🙂 Take care. Buhbye!

  2. Did i ever cut my hair? I don’t know. I can hardly remember anything
    i did at my younger age. The only thing i remember is my 5 year old
    birthday party. Just tell me if i ever did.

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