back in the day.

old school pictures. so very much fun. so very much scanned, but still so very much fun.

danica and camilla rae.

the last four girls of the family playing dress-up.

it’s eric clapton – can’t you tell? actually, this is my dad back in ’98.

jamie with perhaps his very first rabbit…? i don’t think we actually ate it – none of us like rabbit very much.

julia marie and liana renee.

the three little girls in summer pajamas.

ryan and camilla in ’98.

the beautiful bride trying on her dress.

the kids with daby and ryan – and of course, plastic guns in hand.

9 thoughts on “back in the day.

  1. I love brietta’s dress so much! I wish i had a dress like that.
    I love those pics! Wasn’t i just so cute or what!

    ps.just kidding:)

  2. should I be offended that I am the only Sinclair kid (besides Merrick – who wasn’t born yet) not shown in any of these pictures? 😉 Actually, any pictures from those years probably would be best not to be displayed on the World Wide Web…

    Just teasing you.

    You are the best.

  3. hey,
    do you hold 9mm in all of your pics? I mean, it’s coohl if you do I just wasn aware that that is how you rolled.

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