crushed like a bug in the ground

after our long drive, we decided to stop at our favorite pizza place, sergi’s in potsdam, and spoil ourselves for a bit. we hopped out of the van and started walking towards sergi’s. someone from down at the field’s yelled out to us. and i turned to my sister and said, “that’s right. we’re in potsdam again. everyone knows us.” yup, we’re home. i do have to say, potsdam is alive again. the students are back.

we came home with more then we went down with — and i’m not just talking about weight gained from all the food we inhaled over the past few days. my aunt sent my sister and i shopping yesterday and although julia didn’t find anything she really loved, i did, and i bought it. another purchase was made in chinatown last night. i just love shopping when i have money to buy things. : )

i sat in the kitchen trying to write down all the messages on the machine. my brain wasn’t working correctly and i had to listen to every message a few times to get all the info. “hi, this is pete for rick… hello, this is katie for richard… good afternoon, this is candy for rick sinclair…” and then suddenly i perked up. “hi. this is lore and i’m actually calling for louissa.” i say i hate talking on the phone, but having people call me is so grand. i also love getting real mail. it seriously makes my day — and it can be like the simple thank you card that i got this past week and i’m thrilled. i don’t know, just something about it makes me feel special.

here. i’ll pull a brietta one.

would you still love me if i looked like this?

would you still hang out with me if i looked like this?

you don’t have to actually answer the questions if you don’t want. : )

13 thoughts on “crushed like a bug in the ground

  1. i did call you. and you called me back! but it’s late and far too late for me to call you again. so stay home until i get ahold of you. hear me? stay home! love you tons. miss you lots.

  2. wait, that’s you though. So you do look like that. So people would obviously still hang out with you if you looked like yourself. Just maybe not if you continually *did* that.

  3. you know what’s funny? the minute i put those pictures up, i knew someone would say this. “but that’s you louissa, so you do look like that, since you’re the one to make these faces.”

    i saw these pictures and thought of something my sister (brietta) used to do and i thought she was so funny. i was just being silly. obviously i know that i can look like that since i am the one who made those strange faces to begin with.

  4. you should have said “would you still love me if i looked like this?” and put up pictures of your sister or something. cause that’s like, y’know, major slammage

  5. I would still love you!!
    the fishy face is so awesome! 🙂 you should do it all the time. 😉
    Oh, and Annie was late too so us staying and chatting with you worked out for the best! See, I had it all planned out.

  6. Louissa, I think I love you more because you just showed the most self-confidence I have ever seen in a person. Do you realize how many people just saw the faces that only the family has had to endure? 😉 I love you.

  7. Well, to answer your question…. I dont hang with ya much because of the fact ya live in NY….. Soooo, I cannot really answer the question… Although you probably don’t care……..

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