nuttin’ much

gabriel sat next to me while eating dinner. i asked him what his favorite thing about their house was. “the yellow and the hard ground.” i laugh and think about the influence that aunts have. after all, our baby b now says “uh-oh!” thanks to aunt beans. yes, we teach them all the important things in life.

i will live to love You
i will live to bring You praise
i will live as a child in awe of You

3 thoughts on “nuttin’ much

  1. That is cute.

    BTW, the cookies were yummy tonight- I think cooking/baking just gets too confusing when doubling and undoubling, etc. Anyhoo, nice job Louissa 🙂

  2. Hey, can you scan my school picture and send it me as an attachment? I thought maybe I could finally get a photo for account… just a thought.

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