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  1. i like tennis. andre agassi(i think that’s how you spell his name) is cool. i actually like mean girls. it has lessons and stuff like that actually happen to girls. it was based on the book queen bees and wanna bees. yeah so what’s your favorite movie?

  2. Ok girl, that rap stuff was totally great. I loved it and I wish that it was on demand… but it’s not. hmm. WHAT DO YOU THINK WE SHOULD ABOUT THAT LOUISSA????

  3. Go Andre Agassi! I don’t know, I’m not that big into tennis. But i guess i go for
    the people my family goes for. And i am glad that he won:)

  4. into the woods is amazing, and i love bernadette peters. btw you should post your ice cream flavor thing so i can read the defintion, that would make me feel so much closer to you. ( -;

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