in love baby

I wonder if I take you home
Would you still be in love, baby…

i’ve only written one song ever. compared to my sister who has a cd out or my other sister with a demo out, traveling to nyc to play at open mic spots, and playing at the small-town coffee shop in potsdam on a regular basis, having written one song isn’t all that great. it’s actually quite pathetic, since i haven’t really written anything. it’s not at all arranged and i don’t plan on doing so. it’s simply some chords and words i have memorized that i pull out every now and then and happen to play on the piano.

actually, if you looked at it with a musician’s eye, it’s probably a horrible song. i am not a great writer. i am not a great musician. my song is really dumb.

and yet i’m rather proud of my very simple song. it tells me not to get distracted. it reminds me of what happened last time i did… and i don’t want to go down that path again. it reminds me of where i was, what the Lord did for me, and where i am now. so i’ll sing my song, rejoice in the Lord’s goodness, and be content with the fact that i’m never going to be a great song writer. i’ll leave that to my sister’s — the Lord has called them to that. i’ll simply do my own thing.

some people know what’s goin’ on.

8 thoughts on “in love baby

  1. I’m sure God could use your song/songs to reach many people. And you have an amazing voice, songs don’t have to have Extravagant music to affect alot of people, it just has to be real.
    Good luck

  2. I uh, attempted to lead two worship songs in the cafeteria at CCAC Boyce for bible club (on the guitar and vocally) I didnt do all that hot. And the club members arnt all that helpful at making me sound any better BUT we were a wittness. People didnt really care that much if we were the hottest or not they were just impressed that we cared enough about something to be public about it. Its all in the motives (but I am sure your song is excellent anyway).
    Awar…he was pretty good. Hopefully I do better with my predictions this time around. 🙂

  3. Yep, they know what’s going on. I thought they did pretty well
    last night. But i guess the judges didn’t. But hey, i still like them 😀

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