i’ve been talking on the phone more than usual lately.

i talked to my sister for 50 minutes tonight.

sometimes i wish that life would just be perfect.

but that’s unrealistic.

and what about heaven?

one of my biggest fears is disappointing those who love me.

sometimes i think too much.

i walk a few times a day.

hmm… i’m not sure that’s normal.

i made muffins for my friend who visited me this morning.

don’t you want to visit me?

that’s the good kind of friend.

and that’s why i’m a horrible friend.

i’m going to see Nickel Creek.

and i need to go to sleep.

goodnight. sleep tight.

7 thoughts on “rambling…

  1. muffins sound good, of course i’d love to come visit you. however, i’m going to call you soon about you coming to visit me. =)

  2. are you seriously going to see nickel creek? and i understand the walking thing-if it’s not normal than i’m not a very normal person either.

  3. I used to walk a lot, too – though now, I always feel like I’m wasting time when I should be doing something else. I’ve succumbed to the “tyranny of days”… maybe I should start walking again. I think it’s a good thing.

  4. Yeah, only the thing is you walk at lunch time and then at mid afternoon
    and then at night. I don’t think i’m that bad. yeah, i don’t like walking any more
    because when i do walk my legs don’t feel good. So i never feel good.

  5. hey louissa!! i just saw your comment to leslie and i thought i heard you say that skating sounded like fun! haha you should definately come… we won’t skate that long- it’s just to hang out. 🙂 it’ll be awesome. i hope that you can come! see you tonight.

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