my day. how was yours?

i didn’t really feel like writing anything real, so little bits from my day will have to do.

as i ran from one place to the next this morning, i carefully pulled my pants up just a bit so that the bottoms didn’t get wet. finishing my final errand at Northern Music, i ran out to the car and managed to run into the biggest puddle on the side of the road. i was very happy with myself.

to show one of my students what i was talking about, i played a few measures of the song. after i finished she looked at me and said, “wow. you play really well.” at least one of my students is impressed with me. we just won’t mention the fact that the song was in a Faber & Faber Level 1 book.

my bank book was updated. add another $100 that i have in my savings account. it makes me feel a bit better about this whole piano thing.

merrick took this picture of me. and because i think he’s the best thing ever i immediately thought of how good it was and maybe he should really persue photography. if this kid tries to do everything we want him to do though – he’ll kill himself by the time he’s 30.

i found out that on saturday my sister and i walked 6.3 miles. we are both happy and then came up with the splendid idea of walking to potsdam next. who in their right mind thinks that something like that sounds fun? i guess we’re a bit strange because we both thought it the best idea ever. if only her legs were shorter. she takes such long strides. : )

mama said that in Pride and Prejudice i’m Jane. darnitall! i don’t want Mr.Bingley – i want Mr.Darcy! perhaps i should try being a bit more rude and clever…

7 thoughts on “my day. how was yours?

  1. Sooo, who is Elizabeth? I certainly could use a rich Mr. Darcy in my life right about now. I went from feeling wealthy to feeling VERY poor all within the amount of time I should have come to a complete stop at a stop sign.

  2. Do you really want Mr. Darcy? Or is it his house you are interested in?

    And besides, in our version, maybe Jane would end up with the big fish after all…. 🙂

    BTW – we can help you with budget for a “girl’s type thing” if you can work it out for that Friday night!

  3. well you guys did a very good job then. yes, i agree with you about being jane.
    who would want mr. bingley? i for sure would not. and i just adore mr. darcy’s
    house…and him: )
    i want to watch the movie now, i just have to watch it today. thanks for
    wrighting about it….i really thank you for it. NOT!!!!!!!!

  4. very fortunately I have found some P&P lovers way down here in Tennessee. We are planning a marathon for some weekend later. Of course who I’d really like to watch it with are you guys, but I’ll settle for special cases.

  5. well, i’d just like to say, what happened to my pride and predjudice weekend? : ) no, don’t worry-i’m totally joking.

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