talk alot – pick a little more.

want to spend some quality time with friends?

come over to my house after a party (it was a bridal shower this time) and wash all the dishes with them. you end up standing in front of the sink for longer then you can imagine, your hands turn into prunes, and perhaps your shirt ends up just a little wet. but you do end up talking with them more then you might normally — especially if you’re like me. i’m such a social person. that’s why my dad jokes around and says, “Dar, we’ll have to start paying her to get out of the house.”

yup, just wash dishes. it totally maxes out your quota for quality time with friends for the week.

6 thoughts on “talk alot – pick a little more.

  1. It’s fulfilling. It feels good to do something to serve others but at the same time hanging out with people who you enjoy.
    A clean kitchen makes a happy cook.
    :). I hope you are well.


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