… #2

your loss if you didn’t come tonight. you missed my amazing sister, you missed ben’s wonderful fiddle playing, you missed james being cool on his drums, and you missed my dad. he was the white boy playing the funky music. and i was like, “yup. that’s my fifty-one-year-old dad rockin’ out up there.” he’s totally the coolest and everyone knew it.

i decided (once again) that being a little girl is so much easier. i’ll play dolls and color again if that means that i never have to grow up. i don’t like it very much. actually it kind of rots, ya know?

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  1. hey wease. you can correct the times for your weblog by going to the admin page, and then selecting the “options” tab. Then look down until you see “Times in the weblog should differ by:” enter the time difference (i have -4, but if i am firguring things correctly you should have just -2, idk exactly so change it until it’s correct. Update the options, and that should work.

    of course, this is only if you want the correct time : )
    love ya

  2. you can come pretend to be a little girl again at my house any time you want! We’ve got all the dolls, dress-up clothes, crayons and cookies you could want.Plus, the girls like doing hair – they would love to get into your pretty red locks!

  3. …Being Grown up isn’t half as fun as growing up…

    Now you got that song in my head.

    “you missed james being cool on his drums”
    Proper credit given… Much better than your “Just her”. Oh how it still rings in my head!! Not really, ha ha… Thanks’

    “he was the white boy playing the funky music”

    Ha ha, that’s exactly what I was thinking. It would have been awsome if she did a cover of Play that Funky Music White Boy

    Oh well. The concert was awsome. I really liked getting to do it again.

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