did you want to buy me something for christmas?

i want the book, Daddy-Long-Legs. and perhaps the sequel, Dear Enemy.

or maybe just money that i can put towards the piano i bought yesterday. : )

7 thoughts on “gifts.

  1. do you really have snow? we had flurries for two days this past week but not enough to actually see on the ground…..how cold is the north? the wind here is awful, but today was beautiful and sunny, shorts and long sleeve! weather changes like there is no tomorrow.:)

  2. I used to have both. Now I can’t find either =(

    I’m SO excited about the pianos. Ry told me yesterday that everything was getting switched around. How exciting!

  3. i just bought your christmas present yesterday, actually. it is a wonderful book….one that reminded me of you when i read it.

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