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  1. Hey!
    Yeh I gave your sis’s car a beating! She had me drive it in downtown Pittsburgh, shes nutz but of course you would know that already :). It’s sweet that shes teaching you, my bro let me drive his for an hour or so a while ago so I am improving (slowly but surely). I hope vacation is going or went good for you. Spending time with family is truly a good thing…(I am learning lol) Well coohl. Good luck with driving standard…(you pass the final test yet?)

    Take it e z


  2. Louissa…I have another message for you to relay. I stopped to pick up the folder that Julia left me for guitar lessons and I did not locate it. David says he hasn’t seen anything. She can email me mackeyct@aol.com or call me if she has any ideas.
    386-7003 work, 353-2827 home.

    thanks alot!!

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