back in the day

ever wonder what our church building was like when it really was a school? here’s a few photos i found online — they’re quite fun!

they used the stage just like we do.

they used the front entrance — something we don’t do.

they played basketball, baseball, football (see the second photo on page), and of course, you can’t have the sports without the cheerleaders.

iris porteous taught in our building.

just a fun shot with the building. and another one.

madrid really was lovely. see this and this.

or maybe you’re not as fascinated by thing’s like this and find it all a bore. sorry.

9 thoughts on “back in the day

  1. i just wanted to say hi because i didn’t even say anything to you this morning; i would have come to the thing at your sister’s house but i had to go home….which is okay(since i’m not really a part of the lifegroup)….mostly i just wanted to see the house, which i haven’t seen yet, and you, whom i haven’t seen in – i don’t even know how long. but i guess i’ll see you like next sunday…we’re just such a social crowd. 😉 anyways…..yeah, i’ll talk to you later.

  2. I attended the Madrid school in 3rd and 4th grade… I remember climbing a rope to the ceiling in the gym/sanctuary, marching around the halls in a ballerina outfit for Halloween, and learning NY geography and how to read the number 45,670,891,103,445 in the classrooms. Life is strange.

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