winter wonderland.

i took this picture of me and my kids last year.

i took this one a few weeks ago.

a little eight-year-old boy just used the word “abhor” while playing with merrick. the boy then asked merrick if he knew what it meant. of course, merrick didn’t know. the boy then turned to me.

“louissa, you should know what it means, right?” i gave him a definition. “very good. it’s an SAT word — i know many SAT words. i’ve actually passed the SAT course. alacrity is a very good word, don’t you think?” sure, it’s a good word. i just don’t think to use it very often.

man. i was a stupid eight-year-old.

3 thoughts on “winter wonderland.

  1. I think that 98% of the population would feel stupid compared to a genius 8-year-old! Don’t worry too much, you’re intelligent, wise, and talented! Just don’t compare yourself to the top 2%, ya know?

  2. i was feeling real good about myself when i knew what “abhor” means. “yup…SAT word…I know that one.” but…i have never even seen the word “alacrity” before today. i looked it up though – eagerness. not feeling as smart any more, but we can learn from the genuis 8 year olds. don’t worry lou-lou, i am right there with ya! we all can’t be geniuseseseses…

    great pictures. doesn’t camilla looks noticibly older between the two pictures?

  3. this could only be my little brother who is just like me. remember me using words like “pulchritudinous, allocated, reticent, hyperbole” and other “uncommon” words among eight year olds. if you truly want to increase your vocabulary, just spend some quality time with my brother – or get into a vocabulary fight with him. he’ll show you just what you know!

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