16 thoughts on “all done

  1. congrats girl! now you’re one of us – able to drive alone!! i’m elated at the prospect of you driving all over town – but i will admit to some unresolved fear in heart. ; )

  2. Corny joke: Now we know to stop walking on the sidewalks! Ha ha… ; )
    Really though, I know I said it in person, but congrats on the passing of your test. Even if you did lose points for your observation skills… : )

  3. congrats!!! that’s so awesome. your mom told me last night (they came in to eat at the schoolhouse). =)

    you lost points on observing? hm… perhaps we all should stay off the sidewalks… =P

  4. So, I am just wondering when you are going to post something new or is this a test to see how many comments you can get from two short sentances?

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