louissa elaine and sarah jean

so i’ll admit it. i have lots of favorite girls. in fact, if you are a girl and you’re under 16, then i probably think of you as one of my favorite girls.

here’s me with one of my girls.

and yes, it’a good home.

12 thoughts on “louissa elaine and sarah jean

  1. good question… i figure you’re then too old for me to claim you as mine, seeing as i’m only 17, but i guess as i get older, the age for my girls can get older as well!

    okay. i totally just though that up… i don’t even know why i originally said “16.”

  2. hmm. I have a few favorite girls too. I’m glad you were thoughtful enough to make sure at least one of them got posted in this post as well. Miss you!

  3. haha wow i love you louissa!!..LIKE REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU!..hah and 11 more months and ill be 16.. isnt that funny..and louissa.. your my favorite.. always have.. and always will 😉

  4. Actually I was thinking of just watching the auditions, after that, they focus more on Simon Randy And Paula making the decisions… And then they start to perform again in the top 24 and top 12…….ya…….

    I reeeeally didn’t mean to post the other comment that says “Actually- I” I hit the wrong button =)

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