top of the world

you always feel super cool when my dad likes your music. tonight as i sat at the kitchen table working on some english, i had my favorite song (as of the past few days) playing and my dad, who was cleaning his guns at the other end of the table, looked up and asked who it was. he then said, “i like this. i like the sound.”

yes! i knew my country music with annoying bush hating female singers was good. props for my chicks.

I wished I was stronger
I wished I was smarter
I wished I could have stood where you would have been proud
But that won’t happen now
That won’t happen now

’cause everone’s singing
We just wanna be heard
Disappearing everyday without so much as a word somehow
Wanna grab a hold of that little song bird
Take her for a ride to the top of the world right now

7 thoughts on “top of the world

  1. Ah! No! Not the Dixie Chicks! You guys are ruining me. I’ve been listening to country music nonstop since Saturday…… well, almost nonstop : )

  2. That song is so good. I once watched a program about the video they wanted to make for it – it was all about generations of abuse in a family. So sad, but that is what makes the song so hauntingly beautiful.

  3. hey louissa,
    i decided that i’m probably going to have some of the girls over to watch Pride and Prejudice at my house this sunday. 🙂 I hope you can come! (Oh, and could I possibly borrow your movie?? thanks, hun!)

  4. ha ha…okay.

    well…Kyle told me there was a bunch of people going skiing this Saturday and he said something about some of the Sinclairs going. So thats why i was asking.

    : )

  5. haha I thought it was 6 hours! I suppose 5 hours is a tad bit better.
    Are you saying that you won’t come because of football?? =P That’s terrible.

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