i’m at my sister’s. we came over for dinner and to hang out for the evening. no baby so far — she’s thinking it’ll be here sometime this weekend.

so i decided to color my hair and now i’m thinking about cutting it. short. really short.

like back when i was thirteen. am i crazy?

9 thoughts on “update

  1. Louissa I can’t wait to see your new hair…It’s going to look great.

    and no, you aren’t crazy. I think you should totally cut it short. ; ) your hair grows so fast.

    : )

  2. As Deanna was reading your website I came in and saw it……. From a guy that likes long hair I think you are crazy for even thinking it. Besides red hair is meant to be long.

  3. dude, this is kinda fun — getting all these responses. and look, i even got andy dennis to comment in the blog world. points for louissa! i’m tempted to just shave my head for the shock value of it, since i already ruined the shock of short hair by writing about it here. that was real smart of me.

    for all of you who like my long hair, i understand. as carina said, “it’s your trademark, louissa.” (she’s for the cutting of it though, abby.) but it’ll grow back. in a few years i’ll have my hair long again and ya’ll will be happy.

    or maybe i won’t cut it at all. this is rather hard for the phlegmatic that i am.

  4. wow this is really weird cause i think you were in my dream last night and you had short hair. not really short, but like chin length. maybe it’s a sign ; )

  5. I personally like long hair on girls. I would give anything to have hair like yours. I always commented on how beautiful it was. It was for a good cause though so it makes it a little better.

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