it’s 9:30 pm and i’m exhausted. long day — long week. and another one coming up.

my sister is going to have a baby. no, not her, you silly. her. another baby and a happy aunt once again.

i lead worship this morning. my monitor didn’t work through the whole service and then i didn’t hear my dad when he asked to sing a verse once again. yeah, i felt just a little bit out of it.

wow. i need to go to bed.

4 thoughts on “stuff

  1. I didn’t hear that either. It through me off a little. I don’t think they ever put that Mic in the monitors, and they should!! It’s especially annoying when I’m playing drums. Someone gets up to give a word and all I can hear is “Wah wah wah…” It’s like a Charlie Brown classroom situation….. Oh well. I still appreciate our sound crew : )
    I thought the Danica baby thing was all quiet the Friday group was the only one that knew?
    ; )

  2. Well that is so cool! Congratulations to you and to her! (Ryan also) Did they just find out? Do you even know when they’re due? Thanks for getting back to be about the Carina thing. Bummer! I was looking fwd to it. Oh well.

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