the angel side of me

if i was the perfectly horrible person i wish i was, i wouldn’t have logged out when i sat down at the desktop moments ago, only to realize that my friend hadn’t logged out of his e-mail account before he left my house. i would have loved being perfectly devilish while reading e-mail after e-mail… not that i think i would have found anything interesting, but it would have been rather fun to feel like i had a secret “in” on someone and they wouldn’t have a clue.

but i was a good girl. i logged out, logged in under my name, only to have this incredible thought pop into my head after there was no way back in!

ah! if only i was bad. but on to more exciting things.

figured i’d give a warning before any other heart attack’s ensue. are you ready?

i colored my hair darker.

now you can go keel (is that how you spell it?) over and die.

7 thoughts on “the angel side of me

  1. Okay, smartie. You know exactly what I mean when I say “little rabbit”! 🙂 You’ve read The Velveteen Rabbit, too!!!!

    The NOT Louissa who can’t logout.

  2. U guys are silly and WOW cool u dyed ur hair?!?! Awesome can’t wait to see it! Its good u logged out its better to allow people to have their privacy, good job Louissa!

  3. I would have faced the same temptation…it is cool to have an in on someone and they don’t know… anyway, can’t wait to see pics of your new hair. 🙂

  4. like you said – even if you had looked you probably wouldn’t have found anything too interesting . . . and then again you might have. especially as the couple of emails sitting in the inbox were from two of your friends. but i guess we can say we’re even now. once i walked into “a place where you were sleeping” and found your journal on your blanket. i stood looking at it for a couple of minutes pondering the same exact thing as you did. “would she ever know? i could read and she wouldn’t. what could a quick peak hurt?” and on and on it went. after several minutes of fighting with my shoulder demon/angel i came to the conclusion that the first page couldn’t be too bad. ok, joking – but it was hard to walk out without ever turning over the cover. of course – if you’re dying to know what was in those emails – like i know you are or were – i can show them to you sometime when i happen to show up.

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