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i am quick to acknowledge the fact that i’m a bit of a follower. this hasn’t always been a good thing in the past, but i figure as long as i’m following with this then there’s no harm done. go ahead — do it for me. i’ll love you even more for it.

since most of cfc comes here every now and then, i’ll let you know that i do realize that my voice broke approximately 5 times yesterday during worship. and i do realize that because of all that “breaking” i sang some wrong notes.

but i did not suddenly lose my ability to hear when i’m on pitch or not. and i am not going to get singing lessons all because of one bad sunday.

sorry for the painful singing you had to deal with yesterday. i’ll try to do better next time.

8 thoughts on “my voice

  1. YOU WERE GREAT! Plus who is the worship for? Its not for the people its for God and it was wonderful. The only thing I caught was when you had to clear your throat that one time. That was all. I was telling Keith what talent you all have and I wish I could get up and do that, like I can sing but my shiness is another story! I give you props!

  2. Hey,

    Thanks for the props on the cd. I needed to expand my verizon esp. for when I have djing gigs, being that I had no country music :). It’s not bad music either.

    “Take It Easy” (As The Fugees say :).


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