maybe it’s because it’s springtime

i’ll be wearing corduroy knickers, a large tunic, vest, sash, and a scarf around my head that makes me look like i should be in a 80’s work-out video. they’ll all look similiar as we run around stage, following my overly-energetic younger brother as he sings, “For I am a pirate king!” two acts later, we’ll have donned our knee-length skirts, army shirts, hats, and will be trying to be very Andrew Sisters-ish as we sing and dance. it’ll be fun (you know you want to be there).

we worked at church this afternoon and evening. as we practiced one song over and over and over and over again i started thinking about musicals. i’ll be seeing the musical that she’s in on saturday. you know, the musical that i could have tried out for. and the musical that i could be performing in right now. in the end, i chose responsibility before even seriously considering the auditions.

for a few minutes this afternoon i was regretting it. i had forgotten how much i love the stage. i love to sing and dance. i love the energy that comes when you step out on a stage and see row after row packed with people. i love the time that you spend with people and the relationships you build.

but you know, in the long run, the musicals i’m in aren’t going to matter all that much. i certainly hope that when i’m seventy and looking back at all i’ve done in my life, i have more to look at than the school musicals i was in.

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oh my. isn’t she just too cute?

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keep the Raymo family in your prayers.

9 thoughts on “maybe it’s because it’s springtime

  1. it’s a disturbing musical. would you have enjoyed being eaten alive? (abby, you know i’m just kidding. 🙂 you guys did a great job.)

  2. haha no, leslie- i definitely agree with you. :p

    and i’m not really eaten alive… only the important people are. i’m actually surprised that they didn’t start feeding it the girls and bums from the street! i’ll have to make sure that doesn’t happen the next two nights.

    louissa- you would have had so much fun, but either way you’d have the little regrets. i’ve even regretted doing it at times, but this weekend has already started out awesomely. in the long run, it’s not that earthshattering. 🙂

    make sure you get your whole family and all the remingtons and everyone to come see it!! it’s really awesome.

  3. gosh, I really want to see this strange musical ! Not just because Abby’s in it–but the man-eating plant sounds like quite the fright!

  4. i’m not sure i would take your whole family. gabriel and bronwyn?? i think abby must be intent on scaring all the young children she knows. they’ll never want to go near a green-house again, for goodness sake. or the dentist’s either, for that matter.

  5. I was so bummed to miss you guys. Guess I’ll have to get my keys from your key box sooner rather than later if I ever want to go anywhere again!

    At any rate, here’s me hoping somebody video-taped the performances, but guessing that nobody did. 🙂

  6. i’ve got your back covered brietta. actually carina asked if i could locate someone with a video camera to tape. i found that special person and had her tape your siblings acts. so if you really want to see that video . . . a good two dozen no bakes will get you a copy.

  7. Hmmm… I’ve never been too good with the whole no bake thing. But I make a killer chocolate cookie with peanut butter chips. How does that sound?! 🙂

  8. it sounds great . . . although we’ll have to go minus the peanut butter chips. i’m sorry – it’s just that my mom used to punish me by making me eat whole jars of peanut butter when i did bad things – so now, when ever i eat peanut butter, i have really bad memories flooding back.

  9. That is awesome for Danica to show, I think! That is always an awesome part of the pregnancy thing! I almost can’t wait to have another. So hey…I AM BACK! See YA Sunday! Unless there is a good friday service or something, is there?


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