easter time

i’ve donned the striped apron we bought for my mumsie once again (it’s a lucky thing that i actually picked out the apron and really like it since i’ve worn it the most). the cheese braids are very large (i had overactive yeast) and hopefully not too dry since it seems i turned the oven on one hundreed degrees less than what the recipe called for and i ended up baking them longer then i should have. right now i have our sweet potatoes, carrots, and herb dish roasting in the oven (i know, yuck. who likes sweet potatoes? but it really is good.). the table will be set in a little bit and later i’ll have to go up to my closet rand figure out what special something i can wear for Easter Sunday (i hate that job).

i love Easter. i love having this time set aside to really focus on what He has done for us. He, who took on our sins, took our judgement, and then was victorious over death. i love that i have the hope of eternal life spent with Him. yes, i know where i’m going.

tomorrow all my little ones will sing a song for the church. i won’t care if they forget words here-n-there and i won’t care if they forget to sing every now and then. i know i’ll be so very proud of them. they’re the cutest. really, they are! just wait till you see them.

question that has nothing to do with all of this. are there muslims in england, ireland, scotland, and france? i know there are women but what about muslims? ’cause if i have to go anywhere, i’d like to go to those places. i think paris would be perfectly lovely in june, don’t you?

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  1. There are muslims all over the place now–more and more in places like France and Spain.

    And hopefully the bigness of your cheese braids will make up for the fact that mine didn’t seem to rise a bit, even though I used the same exact yeast for the cardomom bread and it did just fine then!

    Good luck with picking out clothes. I’m so glad our outfits are all picked out already!

  2. Europe is a haven for muslims, for sure. We were reminded of how many live in France during the riots several months ago (remember?)

  3. I’ve heard the rise of islam in England is so great, that England will soon be the most powerful islamic nation in the world.

    …can’t remember where I heard that though.

  4. You’re going to have to let me try that sweet potatoe dish; as much as I dislike them it does sound good….. : )
    I agree with Ryan, I have heard the same thing about England… although I can’t remember where.

    Happy Easter! : )

  5. louissa, it’s true. england is full of muslims, but they’re mostly in the greater london area and the southern coast, like brighton, bath, rochester, etc.

    i’m spending the fall semester in ormskirk, in northern england. i guess i’ll see if there are a large percentage of muslims there, too. i’ll let ya know.

    happy easter!

  6. I dunno much about all the muslim stuff or geographics but I will take everyone’s word on it! By the way I still like Brietta’s hair better! My hair is not nearly as nice…lol. I should have used the pix you sent me…I was afraid how mine would turn out though! Oh and now I supposedly have this “natural curl,” I never knew about, that I would love to make into Brietta’s do. I am too scared after this last cut to go anywhere because the woman who cut my hair didn’t use thinning shears or something to make it less puffy and now its hard to manage. Also I have to use a roller brush to get it to go under and it still wont work with me. I don’t know anymore. I guess my hair is stupid or something. GAHHHH. lol. So how was Resurrection Sunday for you and all the Sinclair Clan? Hope all was well! Talk to yo soon I hope!


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