midnight ramblings

11:40 p.m.

i’m back from my favorite place, P&C. the bags of food are put away and i’m home safe and sound. when my mumsie asked me to go she asked, “how bushed are you?” i thought about being honest and telling her that i don’t think i’ve ever been more exhausted and worn out (i will be so happy after graduation is over and i don’t have anymore senior trip and dinner planning to do and after i’m in a plane off to Spain). but instead i told her you’re only young once and this was the time to ask me to make runs to potsdam 10:15 at night.

and really, the drive was lovely. keith, shania, and duncan kept me company and although i would have preferred the moon to be out, he did follow me, peeking out now-n-then as i made my way along 345.

as i pulled up to an intersection i saw a sign for route 56. i remembered the time we went bowling and afterwards i was going to go back to potsdam with a friend who i found so entirely cool since she was so much older than me and had just gotten her own car. only problem was, we were in massena and she didn’t know how to get back from there. he laughed at her and turned to fifteen-year-old me and said, “you’re going with her, right? you know how to get to potsdam from here.” i then had to admit to him (oh, it was hard) that i couldn’t confidently direct her back to potsdam.

i just have to ask, what was i doing bowling with all of them anyways? they were all so “above” me, being four years older than me and in entirely different stages of life than i was in at that point. why did they invite me to do so many things with them when i was definitely the odd one in the bunch? who knows. all i know is that i was invited and welcomed and felt so wonderful because of that.

this rambling has been good. i didn’t intend to write any of this, but it’s probably better since everything else would have brought out a “Juliet alert! Juliet alert!” comment. and that’s because i’ve been thinking of rocking chairs on a porch. real ice tea after working out in a vegetable garden. walks through fields and along creeks. hanging the clothes on the line and letting the sun work it’s magic. eating angel food cake made by moi (because i’ve always wanted to) and hearing the praise that would follow…

i’m such a girl.

4 thoughts on “midnight ramblings

  1. I’m sorry You kind of lost me after the first few sentences. (I shouldn’t have got up so early this mourning) but I got P&C and bowling,
    I like P&C. and bowling, Come to think of it would be cool if P&C Was a bowling alley, with all their floor space…

  2. You should come to Ogdensburg P&C because I work there. Speaking of which, I have to work tonight from 5-9 I have to close up… =P). See ya tomorrow morning Louissa!!

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