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there are some days that i feel a bit like a failure. well, not a complete failure. it’s just me seeing areas that i’ve failed in and being quite annoyed with myself. it’s me seeing how irresponsible i am at times and feeling like giving up. but i won’t. my very good parents, who i need to thank for this tomorrow night, won’t let any of us just give up. if you’ve fallen you’ve got to get over your fears and try again.

rather like this quote.

i’m in my comfortable clothes — or as some might call them, my bum clothes. the sweats that are too big and too short, a hoodie, and barefeet. i have my baggie full of chocolate covered espresso beans and a tea cup full of milk by my side. if i ever do live by myself, i think it would be a very scary thing.

these espresso beans aren’t doing the trick though and my brain has stopped functioning. all my thanks have started sounding a bit too rambling-ish and i figure i need to stop for now.

i rather like the word, howdy. it’s totally super cool.

skirts or capris?

6 thoughts on “night post

  1. Hey. Great job tonight, even though you didn’t play.. ; ) Your students sounded great! They really do have a great teacher, despite what she says about herself. Good luck finishing that speech…. see you tomorrow!
    Oh, by the way, skirts…. : )

  2. definitely skirts. 🙂

    see you tonight! yay for graduations!!

    by the way, you’re invited to one of my graduation services on monday at the united church at 7. i think your dad and julia are going…

  3. I vote capris … maybe because that’s what I’m wearing tonight, since I need to decorate and set up, and I cannot see me doing that in a skirt and the shoes I would have to wear with said skirt. Capris, sandals, and an aklet and couple of toe rings. I wonder if I’ll have time to polish my toenails? That would be a nice touch. Uh-oh, I just made it about me. How do I keep doing that?

    Be specific enough in your thanks to be meaningful. That will keep people’s attention. Just my opinion.

    I don’t know if Justin has any idea what he’s going to say. *sigh*

  4. Well Louissa, i must say. that feeling bad about yourself is somewhat a necessary thing that often gets used by the devil and becomes a unecessary thing. when you strive to be better, you have to realize your sin. when that happens, the enemy jumps in there and starts to bring condemnation. a terrible thing. something most people go through. Its hard, because there has to be an even point between the two. When you realize your sin, and you know that hte enemy is going to come right at you. You have to say, I acknowledge the purchase of my life, and the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ. I am a new creation and therefor will learn from my sin, yet not deny what the Lord has done for me. You come to terms that way. Saying yes I am a sinner, but in fact i am made whole by what God has done for me. Sorry this is long. But I’m glad that you do this…I’m just encouraging you. Cause most Christians just dont deal with their sin, or they get torn over it, instead of turning to the throne of grace.

    May God bless you as you graduate Highschool, and I am sure gonna miss you.

    Oh yes. I’d have to say Capris… sorry Jared.
    and uhhh Howdy is the dinga-bomb word… cause my dad always say it to canadians.


  5. ok, can i ask this first…..whats up with the questions at the end of the post?! like, red or black nail polish……capri’s or skirts….huh, any ways, red nail polish, and it depends on what the capri’s or skirts are….they have to be at the same time fun/summery/cool/weird/funky/and a lot else….so just pick it your self, cause im not sure if these will help or not =)
    have a great time tonight reading your speech…..cause were gonna be proud of you no matter if you cry or mess up…cause i think we will end up doing it any ways!! we are gonna miss you after you leave after this next year if you ever do…:p
    cause right now we don’t feel like we will miss you but once you do…tears will come to our eyes=)
    we love you lots and lots!!
    hopefully i can still get my piano lessons though….lol!!

    “….when im sad and lonely, i will always look for you. even if your ten blocks away, ill come reguraly with some things to say , even if i blank out, you’ll help me through…”.

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