1st spain update

so i´m here in Spain.  after a rather ineresting start to the trip, i´m here and am enjoying it.  people lost money, we were personally escorted to our plane in JFK because the lines were so long and we didn´t get checked in soon enough, and after i got here i realized that all my flip-flops weren´t in my bag anymore.  i have a feeling they were stolen (although who would steal Old Navy flip-flops?!) but after i got over the initial frustration and tears (yes, after traveling for 32 hours with not very much sleep i was quite upset about my dear flip-flops) i came to the realization that they´re only flip-flops and not that big of a deal.

it´s beautiful here.  spain is always sunny, but it´s not as hot as it was last year (which i liked).  it´s just as busy and people are out just as late (we ate dinner last night at 12:30). 

a little bit about what i´m doing… we´ll be participating in a concert style outreach tonight where we´ll do dramas, julia will play, and the whole team will play.  we´re doing church tomorrow (kelly and i are to head up children´s church) and then a beach outreach.  after that i´m not quite sure what´s going on.  we aren´t always told everything that we´re to do.  : ) 

i´m so excited to be here and to serve the church of Spain.  i spent this morning cleaning the church with Kurt´s wife, Melanie and after listening to her talk realized how young the church here is.  they seem like such young Christians and they need so much care.  last night i met two young women who attended the conference my daddy, danica, and mr. and mrs. hull went to and it was amazing to hear how that conference has really spurred them on to dream bigger about where they want to see education go in this country.  yes, i´m excited to be here – even if it is for a short while.

i´m at an internet cafe (one of the only places that one can be in an air conditioned room, but it´s too cold for me) and have a camera pointed directly at my face.  looks like they´re tightening up security or something.  i only got 20 minutes and have already used up 14.  i want to look around a bit on the internet, so i´m done now.

3 thoughts on “1st spain update

  1. wow – i was wondering if you guys were ever going to update. no calls, emails, posts, or anything. i was wondering if you had even made it safely into spain. but alas, you have . . . without your faithful companions flip&fop. it is quite distressing to hear that you don’t have your flip-flops and that you got on your plan late. but you are there and i need’ent worry anymore.

    so things are going well then? i’m glad the weather there is so great! it has been pouring on and off ever since you left. not exactly the best weather in the world. well just wanted to say hi and keep the updates coming. for people here in the u.s. – it is really boring up here without any updates from spain. i should’ve updated more when i was in spain – i have people wondering what is happening with you guys and i didn’t have anything to say to them – but if you update we’ll all be on the same page. have fun!

  2. hooray! you made it! sounds like your the travels were exciting! bri told me you guys were on the radio this morning, too… i’m sure you’re such a blessing to kurt and all. thanks for helping melanie clean. your willingness to shoulder part of the daily grind will bless her so much.

  3. give Melanie & family my love.
    I remember fondly our late-night talk on her bed!

    missing all of you,
    and wishing I was with you in beautiful Espana!!

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