sixth update

a weekend without the internet left this girl not so happy.  okay, so i was actually fine, but i did miss it a bit.  everyone here secures their wireless connections.  silly people.  don´t they know that their making the rest of us miserable?  i guess that´s what we get for staying in the nice part of malaga.  my camera/camera bag are passed around quite a bit since my camera has ended up being the team camera and everyone´s planning on getting copies of my pictures and so yesterday my USB cable was lost (ry, you wanna start looking for a sweet deal on one of those?).  i don´t know how many pictures you´ll be seeing.

two nights of outreaches on the beach.  you have no idea how lovely the sea is here or how incredible it is to see the sparkle of the moon on the water while you sing songs to your Jesus.  they were good outreaches.  a few very good conversations and even more relationships built with sisters and brothers here in Spain.  our leader said last night that this has been the most fruitful trip he´s ever been on.  it really has been amazing.

this church here in malaga is small, but the people here love Jesus with a passion that´s incredible and because of that i love being here.  i was here last year and so it´s been cool to see familiar faces and places. 

i can´t figure out if it´s an advantage of a dis-advantage to be so like my sister.  you know, the sister who married the boy with blonde hair and blue eyes and is my team leader on this trip.  yeah, he keeps on saying that i remind him so much of her and it seems that we are a lot alike since i don´t even say some things and yet he knows what´s going on. 

he knew that i´ve been exhausted for the past week and so he called a siesta yesterday.  the team all slept for an hour or so and i slept for three.  i then promptly fell asleep last night after making dinner.  i skipped church today.  i had every intention of being a part of the service, but during worship he told me to go upstairs to the apartment and lie down because he knew that i was feeling quite sick to my stomach.  i hadn´t said a thing and yet he knew i was close to throwing up my breakfast.  i slept for a few hours while church happened, woke up, and felt much better.  he just knows.  it´s crazy.

josh, found you some sweet capri´s.  we aren´t going to tarifa so i´m not sure if i´ll find your necklace, but i´ll keep looking. 

d, sorry i didn´t get anything typed up.  i just saw your comment.

what´s going on:

tomorrow we´ll be going to granada to not only see the amazing gardens (i´m drawing a blank on the name) but also to do some prayer walking.  tuesday we have an outreach in the ghetto part of malaga (we´ve been warned by people to not go to this section of town) to work with children at a park and then we head to gibraltar to do a youth service (same place as last year).  wednesday we might be going to morocco.  then the rest of the week will be in estepona (sp?) and working with the church that the spyker´s are currently attending.  we´ll then head off to madrid and home.  weird.


we walked past picasso´s house yesterday.  that was cool. 

we´ve had spanish torilla three times while here.  julia and daniel watched it be made this afternoon so hopefully we´ll be able to bring the recipe home with us (amazing food). 

we´re all a bit tanned and most everyone´s hair is a shade lighter (you should see kelly welly´s hair). 

i´ve started buying birthday presents for sisters.  most everything is expensive here, but i did happen upon a sale yesterday that i couldn´t pass by. 

taking 400 pictures in one day (we did a lot). 

reaching the half-way point.  no matter how much i love being here i miss not being home.  i don´t like hearing that i missed out on a picnic in potsdam yesterday and all the sidewalk festival happenings.

being called ¨mrs.anderson¨and ¨mom¨ by the other two girls.

seeing a couple at the outreach last night and seeing them at church today.

6 thoughts on “sixth update

  1. I’m glad things are going so well. And I’m glad Daniel’s taking care of you, though I can’t wait for him to come home and start taking care of me again. 🙁

    One thought: if Julia and Daniel were the ones learning how to make foods, shouldn’t you try getting the recipe again–maybe with you and John watching? (I mean, we all know how much time Julia and Daniel both spend in the kitchen!)

    I’m so glad you’re half-way home. (You know what I mean.) It seems an eternity since you were all here, and spending a whole morning with the family lounging on blankets and watching parades just doesn’t seem right with you gone.

    I’m also so glad you’re there though. It isn’t just your lives that are being changed, and that’s exciting.

  2. Just for the record….the whole team didn´t sleep (Julia, Jamie, Kelly, and I went to the beach cause we´re cool like that!)

    Nice post though…I missed that we were at Picasso´s house, Just thought it was a museum… ahhh, the things you learn from people´s blogs from Spain, when you are in Spain, with that person…and you had to read their blog to figure it out…

    That´s dumb!

  3. wease –
    can i just say that listening or rather reading your post has evoked in me a desire more imaginable than the number of stars in the sky to be with you guys. you’re excited about the half-way point because you will soon be home – but for me . . . i’ll have you all home and not wondering what you guys are doing ; )

    i’m really glad that things are going so well for you. are you/or have you gone to the assemblies of god church that we had a blast at last time? when you go back to the church in gibraltar – say hello to matt if he’s still there. and if you play slap-clap, make sure you represent us americans well.

    if you have run out of the money i sent you – just let me know and i’ll wire you some more ; ) keep up the good work, tan a lot, wear cool clothes, serve god, and pick out a cute girl for me. ; )

    love you

    p.s. guys

  4. well, got one thing to say…

    your gonna miss our stinkin’ dance!! i wonder who did better:p
    love you and miss you tons!!!

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