days go by

do days usually go by so quickly? i feel as though time really is “flying” by and i’m desperately trying to keep up with it. i find that i’m trying to memorize every second of every day…

like proving my brother-in-law wrong about my self-portraits. they aren’t all puckered lip shots — wait, i didn’t take that last one. but i did take this one (i’m seeing a pattern when it comes to julia and me photos…) but anyway. i do make a few other faces.

seeing him for real. and being goofy before and after (someone tell me to never giggle again).

and having my baby fall asleep in my arms tonight. after vacation she’s decided that i’m quite her favorite and that’s just fine with me… i’ll be gone pretty soon and everyone else will become her favorites again.

okay, i’m tired and figure i should be done with all these links. after a few, it probably gets boring for you to have to keep pushing on words (although i always love doing it).

i wanna love somebody — love somebody like you

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