hier mit mir

i’ve already made changes to this post four times and now i’m getting rid of most of it and starting over. i’m far too melancholy right now.

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back when we were wearing pink dresses with lace and the boys were wearing striped shirts and eye patches — back when my squeaky voice was pretending to be a soprano while singing songs about climbing over rocky mountains — i was told by danny-boy that i was the most transparent person he had ever met. it’s not cool when people can figure you out so quickly. they shouldn’t learn on the second time of hanging out that the only time your mouth is closed is when you’re upset with someone. he knew what made me tick and what ticked me off after just a few practices. and i didn’t like that at all.

thankfully it was just danny-boy and i would have told him everything he wasn’t able to figure out, but i do think of it everytime i sit down to write.

which is, i guess, a good thing.

– – – – – – – – –

i walked up to the register with my gallon of milk and smiled. i didn’t know if he’d recognize me but i knew him.
we said hello and he asked how my summer was going. he wanted to know if i had my wild card, i said no, and he used his.
after a bit of small-talk, where i learned that he’s going to school for music business and has a house on bay street, i walked away.
“i’ll see you around,” i said and then stopped. i told him i was going to germany and he wanted to know why.
he wished me luck and said to bring him some wall back. i said okay.
the last time i saw him was last september.
it will probably be another year before i see him again.
and all i could think about was how much he needs Jesus.

– – – – – – – – –

a penny for your thoughts?


notice the german title above all this nonsense. i’m organizing my sets in german… you know, it’s the little things in life.

4 thoughts on “hier mit mir

  1. Careful – a lot of pennies makes up for a lot of money! and you may be buying thoughts you would care to not hear. 😉

  2. We’re sitting watching Keith Urban–Gabriel, Bronwyn, and I. And I can’t help but think this isn’t normal… but then, how much of our childhood was normal, and aren’t we happy for the unique things that make us “us”?

    Thanks for helping make Gabriel & Bronwyn’s toddler years a little more unique! (Oh–and I figure I’ll return the DVD to you when you get back from Germany, unless you really want to bring it, along with the denim skirt from Leslie!)

  3. i can’t wear skirts above my knee (there goes my whole wardrobe! ; )) in germany so keep the skirt.
    yeah, i was thinking about keith the other day (yes, keith. we be tight) and figured i’d have to drop in one evening in december and watch the whole concert — something i haven’t yet done.

    : )

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