in an afternoon

it was just us — her and me. me and her — sitting on two leather armchairs, watching the pretty girls in their silly shorts flirt with the tall boys with lacrosse sticks in the rain (the students are back in town), while we talked about everything. we talked about dance and how we miss it. we talked about classes and being in college (something neither of us have experienced). we talked about how we had grown up in some aspects but never would fully until the right time came. we talked about what everyone else talks about and how incorrect some things are. we talked about driving and stereotyping the sinclair girls. we talked about rainy days and melancholy love songs. we talked about her new group of friends and my upcoming trip. we talked about pregnant moms and little girls with the middle name, Elaine. and i’m sure we talked about more.

i remembered what we used to talk about… we were going to travel together. the west would be first, europe second. we’d be old maids — or if we were married, our husbands would be wealthy and the four of us would travel together. i’m off to europe. i’m not an old maid (yet), i’m not married and i’m going alone. i guess it’s true — life doesn’t always go as you plan.

but since we’re so into stereotyping…

i’m a sinclair girl. and since i’m that, i drive stick shift.

and i only stalled twice today.

4 thoughts on “in an afternoon

  1. i wish i could have seen you again before i left. what is the exact day that you’re leaving? because i really think that you should come visit. don’t you need to buy clothes or anything? ottawa is a great place to shop and it’s closer than watertown and syracuse. 🙂

    yup, standard is the only way.

  2. well, maybe in the future (depending 😉 ) we can still do europe by boat…or at least take a shot at all those colorodo mountains. then you can teach me to drive standard. 🙂

  3. Standard is fun once you get the hang of it. I still stall once in a while, too, especially if the radio is loud.

    I’m so excited for your trip to Germany! You might be a Sinclair, but you are all doing “it” so differently! No cookie-cutter there. Just adventure and family all at once. Wonderful God.

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