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i could put all my pictures right here on my site, but they have to be small to do that and who wants to squint at pictures? i don’t. so if you want to see, push on the links — those would be the words in green.

DP said that we shouldn’t wake up and think, “this is gonna be a bad day. look! it’s raining… i wish it wouldn’t rain.” but i feel like i can say that after working outdoors yesterday with the three oldest boys in the house. josh and i, of course, had to capture what we looked like afterwards. i know, we’re pretty darn classy.

every night i go upstairs to my alcove to bed and walk past these two girls. sometimes they’re sleeping (like last night at 12:15am), but most of the time they are up quietly giggling together. i know that most kids beg for their own bedroom or just their own bed, but i’ve loved sharing a room and bed. you don’t know how lonely i get when i’m all alone in a room at night. but i’ll miss seeing those girls every night before turning the light out.

i know, we’re pretty hot.

and leaving means that i’m starting to get pictures of me with all the people i love (i figure i should bring my camera to church this sunday).

alright. i’m kinda tired. you’re gonna have to find the rest here.

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