so i’m an aunt. again.

he’s a big boy with brown hair and the most dunphey looking face ever (he’s just missing the glasses). he’s loud and his upper lip quivers when he cries and he didn’t like the ridiculous eye drops they must use on these newborns now. he’s perfect and i can’t be anymore happy.

i won’t lie, i prayed so hard that this baby would come before i go away. i found myself on a regular basis telling God that i really didn’t care about this or that and only cared about seeing this baby before i must leave. i guess He was listening and i am so incredibly thankful.

i have three days to hold and kiss this little guy, to get pictures taken to show you (i’m a very proud aunt) and pictures to bring with me. yes, i am so happy.

7 thoughts on “baby

  1. That is great. Tell the new parents that I LOVE THE PIX! That is sooo awesome. New baby’s are fun but can be scary. But they are more like a blessing if anything. GREAT! How long did she stay?


  2. We just finished two sessions of online camera stuff with the Dunpheys — both parties totally agreeing that he looks like a Sinclair because he doesn’t look like Ryan, except for maybe the hair. Interesting. I do think the eyes and nose may look like Danica. And the barrel chest is all Ryan for sure! The rest is still up for grabs!

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