i’m the new yorker

“hi. my name is louissa and i’m the new yorker…” i found myself standing in front of the entire student body and staff saturday night as i volunteered to get up and share my testimony. why i volunteered, well, that’s just what i do in those situations. they had two open evenings of sharing testimony’s and after two people went up the first time there was a long silence and for a few minutes we all just stared at the podium and wanted to know who would go next. my neighbor leaned over and whispered, “you should go.” and i figured i should.

it continued well for the first little bit until i started talking about the story of hosea (wondering what that has to do with my testimony? ask me at some point) when i suddenly wondered if i had said the correct name. i looked over at the outreach director, a guy i hadn’t ever talked to before,
and said in front of everyone, “it was hosea, right?” the staff agreed and the room laughed and i turned red. i explained that i suddenly freaked that i had the wrong guy and here i was in Bible school!

so everyone knows me now (especially after our principal, mr.reid decided it was funny enough to use during his time of sharing the “school goal” this morning). i walk down the hall without my name tag that we are supposed to wear for the next week and everyone says, “hey louisa” (there are a dear few who actually pronounce my name correctly) and i smile and i have no idea who they are. too many people in such a little time – i can’t keep it all straight! oh well. i’ve already introduced myself to someone for the second time causing much embarrassment.

i wear my slippers everwhere here. it’s one big building with dorm rooms on one end and the class room (that’s right, there is only one), dining hall, kitchen, and everything else on the other end. i like that. i feel a bit more at home with my cool grey slippers on in class.

i have my own school ID card with a terrible picture and everything (that’s a funny story as well). sweet. i guess i could sign up at facebook as well, but that would be rather useless since i only email here. and why would i want one more thing to check?

we have assigned seating and i’m in the back row for every single class until next semester. i can’t figure out if that’s a good thing. during three hours of orientation and the principal and his wife giving their testimony this morning (and mentioning hosea), i found myself struggling to stay awake. i’m just not used to sitting and listening for that long. : )

so i’m sending my posts to my sister and she’s posting them for me (even though i have web access for a few more days) and i would just like to remind all of you that if you want to email me, my gmail account won’t get to me.

i have a school email address:

louissa_sinclair(at)bodenseehof .de

questions? contact one of my sisters. : )

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